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Session # 1

Some sources say that chess has been invented in India around the years 600. However, more recent discoveries, proves that this may be wrong. We would have found ancient pieces in Egyptian tombs implying that chess would have been invented by them well before J.-C.
Chess has been used a lot by the military forces of different countries, with the goal of developing, in their soldiers, as well as the higher ups, crucial tactical skills in war time.
Most recently, chess has been introduced in the math programs of different schools. The reason being that chess develops, in its players, an impressive sense of logic as well as calculating skills which helps in math and other subjects.
The game of chess is played on a chess board consisting of 64 squares of two opposing colors to make the movement of pieces easier. There are 32 pieces in total and each player has 16, of a different color than his opponent . Those 16 pieces contain 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 1 queen and 1 king. To start the game, the pieces are always placed the same way, which is called the initial position.
Learn these pieces' names.

At the end of every session, we recommend pracicing and / or doing some chess puzzles. This site has chess puzzles and also a chess forum so you can chat with other players.

Initial position

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