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Session # 10

Today we take a look at the individual value attributed to each piece. The value represents the strength pf each piece compared to another. This is calculated with number of squares that one piece controls over another and a variety of other variables that we will not study in detail.
The important thing is to know the individual value of each piece and understand how to use this. The pawn is worth 1 point, the bishop and the knight are each worth 3 points, the rook is worth 5 points and the queen is worth 9 points, the king doesn't have any value because it cannot be captured.
The more the value of a piece is high, the more its powerful and consequently, the more its worth. It is important to know this in order to decide if it is beneficial to make an exchange beforehand. As an example; if we capture a queen (9 points) with our rook (5 points) and lose that rook the next move, in the exchange, we win 4 points (9 - 5 = 4), meaning that the exchange was at our advantage. It is also important to note that the player with the most points has a greater chance of winning in the end.
Learn the value of each peace and apply this when planning strategies.

At the end of every session, we recommend pracicing and / or doing some chess puzzles. This site has chess puzzles and also a chess forum so you can chat with other players.

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