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Session # 24

We will now take a look at a couple of fundamental checkmates. First; the kiss of death is done with a queen and another piece that can protect it. The protected queen is placed directly in front of the enemy king that is on a side rank or file.
The hallway mate is done in a position in which the king is on the last rank, with three pawns in front of him, in a way that it can only move on that last rank, the pawns are blocking its way. We then bring a queen or rook on that last rank, putting the king in checkmate
The scholar's mate is a sequence of moves that allows a mate very early in the game if the other player is a very inexperienced one. It is very easy to block that mate, and should not be used. However, it is good that you know it in order to block it if someone dares try it on you.
The stairway mate, is a very useful tool to have in the endgame. It can be done with two rooks or a rook and a queen. It is easier to understand the principle with a visual example.

The Kiss of death!

Here, white can do the hallway mate by goin to a8 with their rook.

Scholar's mate.
1. e2-e4 ... e7-e5
2. B-c4 ... N-c6
3. Q-f3 ... d6
4. Qxf7 mate
(the sequence of moves isn't important, the concept is)

Staiway mate
Here, the space that the black king can move in is only the g and h files and ranks 1 to 6. If the queen puts the king in check, the king will only be able to move on the h file. Next move, the rook will only have to move to h7 for the mate.

At the end of every session, we recommend pracicing and / or doing some chess puzzles. This site has chess puzzles and also a chess forum so you can chat with other players.

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