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Session # 5

The check happens when the king is in the way of an enemy piece, sort of like if the king was another piece, the enemy could capture it, but instead, because it's the king and we cannot capture the king, we say that he is in check. The king doesn't have the right to stay in check, so he must either move to a square where its not in check, capture the piece that puts him in check or block the check with one of its pieces.
If he cannot do any of these 3 choices, meaning that he cannot get out of check, he is checkmate and has lost the game. We can now say that the goal of the game is to put the enemy in checkmate.

Sometimes it happens that the king is not in check and that there aren't any legal moves to play, we say that the game is stalemate, meaning that it's a draw, no one wins.

Here, the black king is in check, he cannot move his king or capture the rook that puts him in check, so he will take his own rook and block the check.

Here, the black king is in check, and will move his king out of the check.

Here, black is in check mate.

Here, black is in stalemate (there are no checks, yet black has no possible moves because he cannot move to a square whre he puts himself in check)

If we add a pawn to the position, it is not a draw anymore because black can move the pawn.

At the end of every session, we recommend pracicing and / or doing some chess puzzles. This site has chess puzzles and also a chess forum so you can chat with other players.

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