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Session # 19


Today we look into the theory that the bishop can stronger than the knight in certain position and that the knight is stronger than the bishop in other position. In a closed position (a position where there are a lot of pawns and movement becomes difficult) , the knight are stronger than the bishops because the knight can jump over pieces and the bishop is restricted in its movement. On the other hand, when we have an open position ( the opposite of the closed position, so a position where movement is easy and there are not a lot of piece in the way to restrict movement, The bishops are stronger because it can cover greater distance than the knight and the knight is taken its advantage of being able to jump over pieces in closed position away from him.
Knowing this, our focus should be to exchange our knights against the enemy's bishop in opened position and to exchange our bishop against knights in closed position. We want to give up a weaker piece against a stronger piece. Also it is only logical to try and keep our strong piece depending on the position, because remember to always take into account that your opponent knows everything that you do and more, so he will try to exchange those weak pieces for you strong pieces just like you.

In this position knights are stronger than bishops because it is a closed game. For white it would be good to capture the knight with their bishop.

Here bishops are stronger than knights because it is an opened position.



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