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Session # 13

The opening is the first of the three phases of a game. The opening is when each side gets its pieces out, prepares itself for the firsts attacks and basically sets the ground for the rest of the game. We are going to see some principles that will serve as a guide on how the openings should be played, it will be important for you to follow these rules from now on.
First, we will divide the pieces in two categories: minor pieces, major pieces, king and pawns. We already know what the king and pawns are, we placed them here just to show that they are not part of the major and minor pieces. The minor pieces are the knights and bishops, the major are the rooks and queen. Also it is important to talk about the center, it is the place where the pieces are most powerful. In reality, we can look at the opening as a war for the center. The player that achieves the goal of controlling the center has created an enormous advantage for himself. With all this new knowledge, we will enumerate the four principal that you will follow from now on to start the game.

1-Play in the center or as close as possible

2-Get your minor pieces out

3-Put your king in security ( castle )

4-You must have completed your developpement before attacking

At the end of every session, we recommend pracicing and / or doing some chess puzzles. This site has chess puzzles and also a chess forum so you can chat with other players.

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